Sunday, September 9, 2012

It's that time of year again.

You've heard it said..."it's that time of year again..." Well of course it is. Life is cyclical and it will always be "that" time of year again... But for those of us who suffer from is COLD season. The transitions of summer to fall. Kids back in school, parents mixing with other parents whose children are sick and they in turn spread it to... ME! So dear reader, as you may remember from previous posts...I get sick in the fall. I always have. Perhaps I'm more susceptible to it because I'm out and about shopping, selling, interacting with a HOST of various people and germs; or perhaps its because I push myself and over commit myself to a weakened immune system; or maybe (and this is my Mom's theory) it's because I never had my tonsils taken out at age 7. Who knows????

But I have learned this if nothing else...instead of mourning the watery itchy eyes, the fluid filled ears, the stuffy, foggy head, I must instead praise God for the rest, the pause button that He has pushed on my schedule. He says, "whoa there speed racer...slow it down. Take a moment to breathe, to rest, to sleep, 'to be still and know that I am God.'" So I take a sniffly breath and I snuggle down into my bed and I sleep.

But THIS time of year is different... wanna know why? I'm guessing you do otherwise you'd not be reading...

THIS time if year I'm going back. I am going back to where I left a little piece of myself. I'm going back to the FALL!!! Oh joy! Oh my heart be still... the grapes, the cypress lined fields, the sunflowers, the pomegranates, the harvest, the olives, the festivals, the art, the history. THIS time I'm not going it alone. THIS time I'm taking my Saucy, my Mama, and my Papa. Finally, I get to share what I fell in love with so many years ago. I will not be alone.

13 years ago I swore that I'd come back and that I would bring my husband with me. That I would share the secrets that I left in Cortona on that wall with him. Now I get to! Saucy is my other half and to give that portion of myself to him is a dream. Why it is so important? I'm not quite sure, but I grew up in some ways  in Cortona and I've never been fully able to express what Italy did for me. I guess I'm hoping that in going back as a woman and not a girl that I will see, with new eyes, all that I have learned. All that I have become. All that I am becoming...

Take me away oh beautiful countryside and let me float on the breeze of my memories....

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