Thursday, June 7, 2012

True rest

Vacation: a supposed break in the harried in our day-to-day schedules. But of course, we get to our destination and we quickly fill up our time with runs to the grocery store, pharmacy, touring the area, shopping for trinkets we don't need or really want, and endless discussions of what our options are for entertainment. But what about just being quiet? What about listening without speech? What about resting? 
So I go out on the front porch, it is raining and I listen to the drops drip on the leaves, roof, and run down through the gutters and drains. A bird caws and children ride by on their bikes, squealing everytime a drop hits them on their neck or ear. Rain looking to water a dry space. I sigh and release the tension that the morning discussions have brought on. Oh, if I could just sit out here and be quiet forever...
But I can't. My need for coffee is greater than my need for quiet.

I feel my irritation rising up again as I come in the house...then I listen as my Saucy plays our wedding playlist. I smile and appreciate those around me. The son who has learned how to tune out that which annoys him and concentrates on his work. The husband who quietly sits and eats just happy to be with his loved ones. The mother who piddles around fussing like a hen for all those around her. And me, the newbie who is learning what her role. How do I find my place in this family dynamic? Do I even need to? Maybe it will find me? The bottom line: I am love. I am so deeply loved.

The real key to vacation? Finding peace in the midst of chaos; finding quiet in the midst of noise; finding solace in the midst of crowds. But if it's that simple of a solution, then shouldn't we be able to vacation all the time. Shouldn't we be able to always be at rest?

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