Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's been awhile

So it's been awhile. Sorry to be absent for such a long time, but so much has happened. And I've debated over this for quite sometime, but rather than attempt to catch you up, I'll just start with this:
Oh JOY!!! Surrender can be a glorious thing. Surrender is a freeing act of letting go, and in my case letting God. You see back in March of this year, I fully surrendered my will and control over to God. It took awhile in the making, like all great surrenders do, but once I fully turned over the white flag of my heart to the Great Creator, an amazing thing happened. I found peace. I found joy. I found loneliness. I found healing. I found grace. I found my relationship with God once again.
Just as in the parable of the prodigal son, I was a prodigal daughter. God brought me home. He first brought me home physically, He brought me home mentally, and then he brought me home emotionally and spiritually.
On or around the beginning of March, I accepted the friend request of my future husband (let's call him Saucy shall we?). With less than my standard required minimum of 10 mutual friends, we became Facebook friends and I don't even remember doing it. HA!
Well in God's grace Saucy's name and posts kept popping up on my FB newsfeed and after 2 weeks of that I posted on his wall.
"No offense, and not that I'm complaining, but how are we friends?" was my post. That was on May 5th. By May 6th, we were emailing. Sharing industry info., introductions, all surface stuff.
Well as the emails streamed in faster and closer together, I sent out an invite to him to join me for church. It was at this time that I began FB stalking him. This is when I was introduced to a book that God would use as a pivotal tool in growing a relationship with me. Saucy's dear friend and author Cheryl McKay Price, got married and in all my thorough stalking, I discovered that she had written a book of a young woman that turns her love life over to God... What a novel idea!!! Hadn't I done something almost identical to that not 2 months prior? Immediately I found the book and began reading her story... no really it was; Cheryl's story. But in reading her story, I read my own. The bad decisions; the broken hearts and wrong men; the inability to let go of control and trust God's choice. Hadn't I done the same things?
The tears flowed as the truths revealed themselves. It was as if God had written the book for me. SO as in the book, I turned over my rights (once again) of my dating life to God and gave him the reigns... which meant I couldn't take over control of my meeting with Saucy. I had to give him to God...which is exactly what I did.
Well as mentioned above, I had asked him to come check out my church. In my mind, any man worth getting to know wouldn't be scared off, or offended if I invited them to church. I had tried avoiding meeting men at church for so long and my track record wasn't looking good...but this was NOT a date. Nope this was two Christian actors getting together to worship and share industry info...because I was NOT in control.
So on May 22nd, after filming a pilot TV show, I rushed into Church 15mins late to formally meet Saucy... There he was, all smiles! My Saucy's smiles can make world peace possible. He has the BEST smile on the planet. Make that the Universe. He lights up a room and he was waiting for me with one of those smiles. I stuttered, I think I may have stopped in mid stride...I was in trouble, and after I regained my composure. I gave him back to God.
To Be Continued...

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Tara's World said...

Welcome back my friend:) I will be anticipating the next posts of yours! I get teary eyed reading "Saucy" and your story, knowing that what had to happen, happened for a wonderful reason!!! xoxo

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