Sunday, May 29, 2011


I rush... I mean it! I run headlong and fast into everything! I love the rush of the new (even though I'm deathly afraid of it)... Maybe that's I rush. It's like ripping a band aid off. The faster you do it, the less it'll hurt. Well at least that's the theory... of course when you rip it off fast it hurts like Mo' Fo' right up front and tears well up in your eyes and it stings so bad you think you might pee your pants...but then it's gone. Just like that, it's gone! So then you forget about it and move on. I kinda think about rushing into new things the same way.
But life isn't like ripping off a band aid and sometimes we have to wait. To let the wound heal slowly, or take our time in I find myself healing slowly. Waiting and recouping. I don't like it...but it isn't really in my hands is it? No unfortunately... wait scratch that...FORTUNATELY it isn't in my hands...He is in charge of my rehabilitation. And in His timing and ONLY His timing will I be rehabilitated.
But a girl can dream can't she? Isn't it the dreaming, and the wanting, and the hoping that aids the body, mind, and spirit to full restorative health? I think so. I think that's why God puts these desires in my heart. The more I dream of them and imagine them into my life, the more I desire to heal from past hurts, and begin seeing my future in a healthy light. One that is designed by Him. So it stands to reason, that I should continue to dream. That I should scheme, and imagine the possibilities of my hearts desires. He gave them to me...why would He tease me with them, unless there were a certain truthfulness to them...
...I just need to rest in Him and wait for him to remove the band aid.
Sigh... All in good timing.
Good night Moon...

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