Thursday, April 28, 2011

An entry without purpose.

I forgot what a balm to my spirit this blog has become. It has no purpose other than to let me purge the thoughts, however irrational they may be, onto the page and out of my head. Things get jumbled up; get lost; get forgotten. But once they are on the screen and emptied into grammatical form, they are then placed into perspective and therefore are no longer threats to my sanity.
This may serve to make me sound crazy or irrational, but yet it is the flushing of said thoughts that allow me to observe the truth of what I say, and therefore allows the clarity to move forward.
I have not made all the right choices in life, but THANK GOD it is not too late for me to change my route and redirect my path. And as I have said before, it is the journey that is life, not the end result. Oh that I can keep my focus on the journey and not miss the beautiful scenery along the way.
To my dear readers, please excuse the morosity of tonight's entry. But to be true to me , means not sensoring myself for you. You read because you care to know what it is that makes me tick. Makes me who I am.
I am an evolution. I am everchanging and ever will be. And God willing, I'll be given the the blessing of telling my children who I was and what I thought.

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