Sunday, October 24, 2010

Isn't the Internet amazing!? But really this post should be called... goddesses in my life

I can listen to my church's sermons, pay bills, follow blogs, check the weather, and send emails all at the same time!
I write to you this morning because I am inspired by the strength, vulnerability, courage, and passion of my friends and family. I have been blessed by several women in my life who are daily reminders to me of what it means "to be true to yourself."
Tara moved to LA, BY HERSELF, 6 months ago. She packed up everything she had and relocated herself to LA to pursue a dream. Her dream of being a working TV actor. I met Tara 3 years ago in acting class. Our teacher paired us up to do a scene together; my first in the Meisner Technique (of which I am now a proud follower of), she a seasoned veteran. Boy did I learn alot from her in those few weeks that we studied that scene! Tara is passionate, determined, and perfectionistic about her craft. She is consistent, disciplined, and open. She taught me so much in how to trust my instincts, listen to partner, and be open to the scene and characters. We have since become good friends and she has consistently amazed me in her pursuit of her goal to be a working TV actor.
Stephanie is my cousin by blood, but she is more than that, she is my friend. She is my confidant, my voice of reason, my rooting fan, and my entertaining laugh machine. We giggle, we cry, we share, we encourage, we chastise, and we support each other. Stephanie has the distinction of being the youngest in my family. Therefore she was always the one to get left behind, or picked on. But now as adults, she has become a beautiful inspiring woman who has owned herself and her identity apart from man or thing. She is a strong Christian woman and is fearless in living for Christ. She inspires me daily and though we are miles apart, I feel her presence and her prayers.
Jill (aka Mama Jilly) is one of the best friends I have EVER had! She has been there for me, loved me, accepted me, and challenged me consistently since the day I met her. She doesn't hold back her opinions or thoughts but always says them in love. She is feisty, sassy, artistic, open, funny (oh BOY is she funny), smart, talented, loving, kind, and beautiful!
Jill and I met 7 years ago at work. We were in different departments but it didn't take long for us to become fast friends. Jill is famous for noises, sounds, giggles, and snorts... she has expressions and gestures that have now been incorporated into my daily life. They have even made their way into my character choices. But Jilly (as we like to call her) owns herself. I LOVE that Jilly owns herself. She is who she is and if you don't like it then she don't want to be friends with anyway. She is brilliant! LOVES movies (which is another reason we get along) and loves design, cooking, reading, gardening, and her friends and husband. She is an amazing woman and I love her!
My Mama. The queen of NEVER giving up! Soldier and fighter for the less fortunate, nurse to the sick, lover of lost animals, elf of Christmas and birthdays, and a master at giving of cerci's. She has taught me to never take the given answer without investigating it for myself. She has given me a thirst and hunger for knowledge that is unquenchable. She has given me courage, and bravery. My mama has identified weaknesses in herself and vowed to not let me have those same weaknesses. She has thrown me up on horses, when they have scared her to death. She has placed me in acting classes, when she herself is too shy to do the same. She has reminded me (without fail for 32 years) that I am NOT stupid and am smart, talented, and worth fighting for. My Mama is a beautiful, strong, courageous, and faithful Christian, wife, mother, friend, artist, and healer.
These women in my life are an inspiration to me and they are worth celebrating.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Dear reader, my mind is in a quandary today. I am pensive and still, unable to motivate myself into action. I muddle over several things at once. I feel pulled in many directions and yet know not which direction I should go. I am missing several people in my life right now and am also glad to be by myself. I am a walking contradiction.  This last statement makes me laugh! Oh to have all the answers, yet I know that this is an impossibility since I am not God and therefore have no hope of ever knowing all the answers. But still I listen and learn and try; everyday I try.

Though with all this now written down, I can say this; “I am blessed.” I have great friends, amazing family, and God places me in winning situations everyday. I step closer to Him and He takes more of my strife away. My stress levels are down and while I am still pensive and apprehensive about the future (my future), I fear less. I fear less. That statement holds so much power for me. I fear less, because I have a God who is bigger and stronger than I.

Last night I was encouraged and inspired by my friend Natalie. She has brought herself through so many trials; she is raising two wonderful boys, put herself through college (UGA no less), taught herself how to play the guitar, and sings in a bluegrass/ country band. I heard her play last night, saw the joy and peace on her face as she played and listened to her sing. It blessed my heart and urged me to do the same. Sing! Sing with all the gifts, dreams, and talents God has given me. I am blessed!

Oh glory to an amazing God! I AM BLESSED!

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