Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tales from our past

My mother recently stumbled upon her parents love letters. Spanning the course of their courtship and first 5 years of marriage. She has recently organized and shared them with me. I am at first struck by the eloquence, the poetry, the truthfulness, the love that is written on these pages it moves me to tears and I see my grandparents as people, not just my "Memaw" and "Pawpaw."
I loved these people as my grandparents because that is what I had always known them as, but as I read the letters, their story came off the page to me and a love story emerged that lasted until my Memaw's death in 1988. Though she moved onto to a better place, my Pawpaw never stopped loving her and these letters show me why.
A mill town boy and a farm girl. They were both raised in LaGrange GA. and though they never met until much later, their families were familiar with each other. My grandmother Alice was the oldest of two and my grandfather Lloyd also the oldest of two. Ever the playboy, my grandfather had a reputation of being a ladies man, but all that ceased when he saw her. Alice Alexa Lester. In a letter to her shortly after their courtship began he says, "Darling, don't misunderstand me, I love you with all of me and need you everyday more than I did yesterday, but I'm trying to place before you the million and one uncertain thing about my life and never could I show you a good one. I want only that you should be happy and if I can live to see that then I'll be happy."
Just reading these words bring tears to my eyes as I think of my Pawpaw shipped off to fight in WWII and my Memaw wondering and worried as to if he'd ever come back. But she didn't have the advantage that I have today. The instant gratification that modern technology provides. She had to wait. Wait until the USPS delivered those precious letters that I have the privilege to read now.
Oh the grace, beauty and power of his words. No wonder she waited for him, and too his credit (and my benefit), did he do good on his word. He didn't fail her and he provided for her a home, and a life.
Oh that I should be so blessed one day to have the same.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The modern dating world

Tonight I'll be brief. I have entered the modern dating world via... you guessed it, Online dating sites. I'm still not fully convinced of it's success or failure yet, but I will say this; it has been an interesting ride thus far. I've met some really cool people and have had some great conversations. I've laughed hard, and been challenged to think new things... But here's my quandary... in this world we live in with so much online interaction, as we losing our ability to communicate personally. Have we so become the ADD society we joke about? Are we losing the art of the conversation? The spoken word. The ability to look another person in the eye and let them know how we feel about a subject or them. If the point or purpose to online dating is to fall in love with that one special person... how do you share yourself through a computer screen? Food for thought as I lay my thoughts out on the web tonight. As I try to communicate with you, dear reader through the screen and the virtual world.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Gotta get a little life on ya...

So here I go again. reinventing myself. I'm actually excited by the prospect. Scared a little sad. But mostly excited. I was listening to a song the other day, and it said "Got to get a little life on ya..." Reminded me not to get so down on myself and that life has given me the opportunity to start again...I am sad that my relationship has ended. It does make me sad. Truly sad. But then I wake up in the morning and I'm excited to start the day. Who knows what new adventure may happen? Or new friend I might meet? One thing I have learned as of late: everything we do makes an impact. BIG or small We make an impact. John Patrick Shanley once wrote, "We are linked together, each to each. You can't breathe without taking a breath from someone else. You can't smile without changing the landscape." I couldn't agree more. We make a splash. It ripples out. It does. We touch each other lives.
I say all this to point out that even though my personal reinvention directly affects me, it also affects others. I can only hope that the one I've hurt through this experience chooses to be affected for the positive and not the negative. Because how we are affected is our choice. I firmly believe that. We are not leaves in the air tossed around at the whims of the wind. We have choices as to where the wind takes us. So that is why I am excited to take this next wind and ride it to my next adventure.
So for now... I stay in the south on a gentle, self-healing breeze, and get to know me...

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